Bike Magazine '79-'80
columns (and recent annotation from Royce about them)

MCN - Prototype 'scoop'
Sunday Times - 'Innovation'

British Bike Mechanics
July '88  
Looking Askance

Bike magazine - Voyager tests
(Dec '89 & Feb'90)

Whatever Happened
The Prototype
The Production

Motorcycle Sport -
Feb '90
'Voyager' and 'How many customers..'
Nov '90 'It's a grand tourer'
Nov '97 Long -Term Test

I've heard there was a 'Car' magazine article from early '90.  Anyone got a copy?



Some FFing Links

FF web - Support for Feet Forward enthusiasts everywhere

Royce Creasey's Feet First site.

BFF Voyager pages

Andrew Gibbens' Voyager page

Other Stuff
PDF of original SCL Voyager brochure

Some of my Voyager pictures (many more  here)

Reliant intake manifold modification & Fuel Injection project


Revolution, not evolution..







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